If you are just starting out in Crypto then our tutorials will give you the basics on how to set yourself up and trade in the Crypto world.

Security 101

Covering your back

Key points :
Does losing hundreds of thousands sound like your worst nightmare? Then look no further, this tutorial will teach you how to keep your coins safe. 

From password management, to double factor authentication this tutorial will ensure that only you have access to your accounts.

Wallet 101

A.k.a your coin storage system  

Key points :

This tutorial explains the differences between live wallets, cold wallets, hardware wallets and local wallets. It will enable you to make educated decisions about what wallets would suit you and give you the knowledge of where to download, how to use and back up your wallets.

Personal coaching

The best for the bests
$150 / hour (minimum 1h)

Key points :
Our four guides give you a solid knowledge on how to buy, store, and trade coins.  

If you have some more specific requests or want to ensure you did everything to the letter, contact us for a working session. 

Make your business Crypto-friendly

Embrace the future

Key points :
Tailored to your needs, we can help your business accept crypto-currencies.

Trading 101

Welcome to virtual Wall Street

Key points : 

This tutorial explains how to use your Bitcoin to seize market opportunities and buy other coins. 

The easy to follow guide will have you trading coins in no time.

Our tutorials are based on Binance exchange.

Buying Bitcoin 101

Trust us its easier than it sounds

Key points : 
This tutorial teaches you what you need to know to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in New Zealand. The simple step by step explanation begins with money in your bank account and ends with coins in your wallet. 

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